Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a lost one {day 273}



ok. found this post listed as a draft - clicked on it and found a blank page with the above written. let me add, if i was sick, i can't imagine the image i was going to include. likely, it would have been a shot of my ceiling fan or an image of an awful tv show to pass the sick-time.

so rather than that, i'll share a moment from jack's birthday celebration at school. kinda describes him/his sister/their relationship, all in one shot...


so, i didn't make it. nearly, but not quite enough.

the idea of a 365-day challenge was immense - i knew that going into it - but i really wanted to, well, challenge myself. mostly, i posted images from two to three weeks past at a time; rarely, was i able to post weekly. but, i was shooting, and i believe that was the point.

i do miss it. gave me {even more of} a reason to pick up my camera and snap away. these days though, i have people calling, requesting that i pick up my camera - which, is INCREDIBLE, but it doesn't leave much time for me-stuff. i miss that.

2014 was an eye-opener for business-related-stuff. i'm thankful and have enjoyed all the families and new friends i met along the way. i hope 2015 has more of that goodness!

but with all good and great things, there needs to be balance. so this puppy, this blog, got pushed to that ol' back burner, neglected, and that makes me rather sad. i miss writing. i miss the wee-late hours, one leg tucked beneath, other knee up to my chest, hunched over the keys, earbuds just barely turned up... balance. it's a must.

here are some highlights from the end of the year.

 jason mraz + raining jane at benaroya
 november in our backyard
 december ON reflections lake

going forward, here's to once a month blogs...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

day 275


one of my many great loves. 

7:05 pm here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


sometimes you just have to DO IT. even when it's not practical. even when it doesn't make sense.

like this.

ben can't/couldn't/shouldn't take anymore time off this year, but -

we NEED this.

i think the last time we had quality time together was back in january, vacationing on the islands. so even though this will be a quick, 24-hour frenzy, it will be well worth it.

if you haven't listened to the latest jason mraz album - DO. it's sooo good. mraz + raining jane make marvelous sounds.

just a few more weeks...

Monday, September 29, 2014



and look who couldn't let someone have all the glory...


watch out, she's now equipped with (as she calls them) skate-shoes!

watching the big boys

jb with the puck!

such a funny little being.
practicing (and perfecting!) getting back up!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


sweater season!

love that this dude has a muffin top - out of his collar.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


eyelashes. half-inch long? 


i kept thinking 

what is so different?
why am i enamored by her beauty? 
oh, that's it - no paci... 

perfect lips. button nose. stay little, forever, tessie boo.