Wednesday, June 19, 2013

swing set, improved

this has turned into a month-long project.  lately, it's easy for ben to get lost in work.  the week days fold right into the weekends, and before i know it, it's tuesday and we're back at gymnastics.

it's almost solstice and that makes me panic - summer's nearly over for us up here.  we start losing daylight.  although - this year, i do have zero complaints.  we've had 2 weeks plus of sunshine.  and, i'm not talking "normal" alaska summer sunshine, i'm talking: break out the pool, swimsuits and sunscreen.  mass consumption of otter pops.  get in your skimpiest of clothing because you're getting your tan on!  really, i have a better tan than i've had on any vacation.  truly.  and i should add, my freckled, irish skin doesn't usually keep color.  uh-huh, what do you know: 2013, the year of alaskans having suntans.  did i mention south central is sold out of kiddie pools?

ah.  slight tangent.

back to the project.  so because of the fence installation last fall, we needed to move our swing set.  the fence was put in right on our property line, and little did i know, our swing set was maybe a foot off of that.  so, memorial weekend, we - ok, ben - tore down the old structure.

ok, so it didn't fall as expected, but that was because that top pole was rotted out.  nevertheless, my super-handy-fix-it-felix was able to bend and pull and fix our fence, good as new!  we all had a good laugh, that is, except for the very concerned 5.5 year old.

gymnastics paying off...
ben & kaleb hard at work

it's still not quite finished, but i've been told it will be this weekend.  there's some railing to finish up and a rock-wall-like climbing-thingy to get up to the slide.  the tire swing is HUGE and could easily fit 9 kids.  the good news is we no longer have to jump in my rig to play at a park - just have to open the sliding glass door...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


so this has happened this many times.  oh, and one more time today, but i failed to capture it.  tess, falling asleep on her own, without a certain something smashed up against her face.  this is progress, right?

and, we lucked out - she stopped the nightly colic crying whenever i stated in one of my last posts.  i guess i was right; she started early and ended early.  i couldn't imagine her doing that into her 4th month.  feeling entirely blessed she has figured that one thing out.  now, if we could only move her into her beautiful bedroom...

i've decided (haha) that once she's able to self-sooth (i.e.: suck her thumb/fingers or replace a fallen-out pacifier) that she'll be handed an eviction notice.  this co-sleeping is insane.  now, i have learned my lesson on judging others, and if this is something you enjoy and have done it, i praise you for your willingness and ability to weather through.  but, this is sooo not for me.  i like my sleep.  i like my space.  i like sleeping on my belly.  therefore.  i miss my {sound} sleep.  i miss my personal bubble space.  i miss sleeping on my belly.  many things to look forward to in the months ahead.  until then, i am savoring the smell of baby hair with every inhalation.  the sound of her rooting.  her sweaty palm gripped on my v-neck tee.  her pacifier sucking is rather maggie simpson-esque.  and of course, the cooing and smiling i wake to each morning.  one day, before i know it, i'm sure i'll be pleading with her to snuggle me.  one day...

one of my mother's friends (but i'm sure we'd be friends, too) bought this adorable outfit for tess.  cupcakes, tutus, pink, bunnies - what isn't to LOVE!  so if you're reading this, jen, this collage is for you!  thank you!

more along the lines of progress - i finally got my act together and mailed tess' announcements - yay, me!  my girlfriend kayt of designed these fun announcements.  i'm so thankful for her patience, ability, artful eye, desire and understanding - thank you, sweets!  i mailed them last week, but if you're not on my holiday card mailing list, leave me a comment with your addy!  the back of the announcement is full of cute pictures as well.

lastly, dylan got the boot - she's now out of my hair the house on fridays with her brother.  big girl!  with jb starting school in the fall, i wanted them to attend together, if only for a few months.  she was incredibly excited.  the kids wore their matching muppet t-shirts and brown bottoms (skirt for her, shorts for him) and happily carried their skip-hop lunch totes (jb has the monkey, she picked her owl).  dyl only fussed briefly, but i think it had more to do with not being able to eat her lunch as soon as we walked in the door.