Thursday, May 26, 2011

picnic dinner

ah!  forgot to post these... sometimes i'm so ambitious.  great at posting the pictures but the words can escape me.  so, i just push save.  oops!  another beautifully gorgeous spring morning-afternoon-evening was laid in our laps.  perfect for a picnic outside in the grass.  blankets, sandwich baggies, sippies full of 2% and peanut butter spackled in the mouths of certain kiddos.  these smiling faces above are the reason for my smiling face.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


i love my plants, both indoors and out.  

african violet, 1 of 5 in bloom right now
 money tree
a just because bouquet from my mother
aren't those the best?!
thank you, momma!
oxalis / white wood sorrel / shamrock plant

back in february when we did our road trip down south, flowers were already available for purchase.  gasp!  add that to the list of negatives about ak.  we are just now getting things potted.  gotta wait for the damn frost to lift at night.  so with longer days, the glorious sun is back!  i'm not wasting any time this year...
dwarf cranberry just now turning green
 mountain bluet coming in

 new window boxes (ben's potting skillz)
 orangey wallflower and purply viola
 my potting skillz
 creeping phlox, expected to cascade nicely

 whattya think?  are they too small for the windows? 
 like ben said, it's only three screws, i can ripped 'em out in a sec.
 more violas and pansies
 1 of 2 hanging baskets
did i mention that we did the boxes at 9:30 pm, and it was still light out?
love this time of year...
 a best friend
trees are taking off too

 rose bushes not too far behind
 potentilla working it

Saturday, May 21, 2011

my first 5k

what better way to begin my 5k career than supporting the special olympics.  i first heard about this a week and a half ago, and i thought sure, why not?!  but as the days approached, i began to second guess my decision.  i'm not sure why... i grew up running.  a lot.  and not just to run, but in hopes of catching a ball.  i began playing soccer when i was 5 and played until a knee injury sidelined my love at 15.  trying to play for a few more years, but constantly struggling with the injury, i finally kissed my cleats goodbye.  (but not totally, they're in my crawl space in my fabulous green adidas bag...)   

i told myself that i would start and finish the race running; the middle to be a toss up.  but as never participated in a run before, i didn't realize how congested the beginning could be.  and while pushing my kiddos in the jogger, i wasn't able to start out with but a s-l-o-w maneuver through people traffic.  once the joggers/runners/walkers/skippers/stroller-ers got moving, i was able to pick up my pace to a nice butt-shaking speed walk.  you know the kind.  my breathing felt great so i started to jog.  then a funny thing happened - i felt good.  really good.  like my mother said to me after the race, all my hiking builds stamina, just at a different level.  i jogged through intersections, scooting around others, up slight inclines and all the while, feeling fabulous for not just running but running and pushing my (33 pound boy + 20 pound girl + stroller weight) 50-some odd pounds!  go me!  

lighting of the torch = start of the race

like i said before, running during soccer was just what you had to do to get the shiny object.  my last few years playing select, i played 90 minutes with no subs and never felt winded.  i kept that in mind (while also laughing that that was 15 years ago!!!) but it gave me the strength to continue running.  well, that and my funny little man telling me to go fwasturr, mama! and mama, keep runnin!  i half-expected him to say mush! mush!

let the race begin!
(the kid loves a good clap)
and a smooch

ok, so i didn't come in first.  i didn't come in second or third.  but, these were never goals.  i did manage to pass the fellow with the torch - of course, i waited until i rounded a corner to see that others had too.  but, you know what did happen?  i was the first person to cross the finish line with a stroller.  i think that's pretty great.  and while this wasn't a timed event, i think the novice runner would still have timed themselves with a fancy-shmancy heart rate/watch/swiss army/mcdoodle on their wrist, but i didn't even think of it.  dammit!  all i know is that i felt great and truly proud of myself.

after the race, there was a firetruck waiting just for jb!
 sitting in a firetruck!

how annoying.

i love the elderly.  the (b)old.  the experienced.  the wise.  i miss the grandparents in my life, and you've read many stories about just how much.  but after this past wednesday's zoo experience, i'm utterly irritated.  i get that there are senior days.  i understand that they deserve to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the sight of animals basking in the sun, splashing in the water or running in circles (forever the wolverine).  but.  tell me this is not ridiculous.  golf carts escorting these superior beings.  ok, i'm not completely heartless.  i know (and saw) that most of them were either wheelchair/walker bound.  but why not close the zoo?  the paths at our sweet and small zoo are not very wide.  my double stroller can be a squeeze on some points of the trail/bridges.  so add a golf cart to the mix and you'll find yourself backing up, clutching to the fences or having to turn around like i was.  just silly!  have a senior day, dedicated to seniors only and call it good.  my wild child typically running the trails was not too thrilled to have to sit in the stroller with his smelly, goldfish-crusted sister during most of our outing.            

(on a side note, just a month ago, i got rear ended by a lady [at least in her mid-70s] while sitting at a traffic light; two days later, got backed into by a lady (in her 60s, i'd guess) while sitting behind her at a car wash; then on wednesday, had a man stumble out of the senior center van and ding the s--t outta my passenger door.  but.  i swear i'm not bitter.  just apparently, really unlucky.)

welcome to senior day!
not enough room to squeeze by to see the polar bears playing.  
sad day.
3 of them within 30 feet of each other!
moose by the fence

we love the spotted, chubby seals

i see london, i see france, i see jb's undie pants!
forever spotting specks of airplane
brown bear saying hello with a deep growl
lovin the warm sunshine!

whatta jerk
but she gets the last punch in!