Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mini hike to the inlet

mandy, her motha, jackie and i went for a walk out to the inlet, in search of some pretty pretty flowers. we were welcomed with typical alaskan august rain. we brought shovels, garbage bags and our smiles and trudged along through the slimey trails and muddy puddles. we found many of irises, chocolate lilies and what we believed to be shooting stars. this all occurred during jack's nappy time, so i'm thinking that may have been why he wasn't more excited about this venture. regardless, the following moments were marked...

just like hawai'i, right?

jack has had enough, already running back to the truck

the rathburn ladies

jack and his manny

this next sequence can only be explained by saying that mandy is an only child...

brown frog friend

he didn't want to hold it, so it only made since...

yep, walkin all around

do you see me, cause i can see you!

fishing on sunday

ben surprised me saturday night by sharing that he had the following day off! that almost never happens! we took full advantage of it and drove out to the little su in hopes of catching some silvers. however, that dream cloud was replaced by rain clouds, so our trip was cut short. nonetheless, we had a great time, captured some sweet pictures and even ran into our neighbor!

a precious moment with dada

still not excited about any of this.

watching dada come back to the shore.

loves airplanes in the sky.

the serious side of jackie b.

are you talkin to me?

kaylynn reelin' it in

bella inspecting the chum

NICE catch

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i am proud to say that jack made it 20.5 months into his life without having a run-in with the fireplace. probably my biggest fear since the beginning of his time has now happened, he survived and we're all the wiser. kinda sorta. it was one of those times where you see it out of the corner of your eye, but mostly, you feel it in your chest. the sound of his precious head hitting the hard surface, a slate surface, to be exact. jack took it like the tough guy he is. got it right on his brow bone too. of course, the silent cry to start out, the twisted face (that always makes ben and i smirk, trying not to smile or worse, laugh at our injured child) and of course, he ran over to me with his arms stretched out. i secretly love these moments - not because he's hurt - but that he's coming to me for comfort. can you tell that this child doesn't stop to snuggle, let alone, rarely stop to sit!? but as soon as i picked him up, he had already composed himself, pointing to his yellow doggy, telling me: daw-dee! daw-dee! ok, so really i had nothing to do with making his boo-boo better, but at least mr. yellow life is good doggy did!

captured some pictures later in the evening of his first shiner. i called to tell benji what happened and his first question was (and with a little too much excitement added to his tone) does he need stitches? i quickly informed him that thank goodness no, but i'm sure there will be plenty more occasions where i may say yes to that question.

such pretty colors!

love the tan lines


Thursday, July 16, 2009

hi-ho-a-hiking we go!

another climb out at the butte and another gorgeous night; the smokey haze lifted somewhat. we got up and down within an hour. ben will be ready for sheep season before we know it!

working our way up; jackie mid-hit

keeping an eye on his bulldog

i love the bulldog smile

matanuska river, fireweed galore

we made it

later, we stopped by our friend's house for some hot dogs and chit-chat. jackie found a tractor to ride on and some hotline clamps to play with. just what every 20-month old dreams of playing with! our future lineman...

sweet moment of sharing


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

late night hike

we hiked the butte the other night; ben's gotta get ready for his sheep hunt! gorgeous night, a tad smokey, but we snapped some cute pictures!

dirty, dirty beanie

here's the slapping i'm talking about...

i love this. tippy toes!


Monday, July 13, 2009

jack, as of late

mr. jack miebs has taken a turn for the worst. you know how people always throw around the term "terrible twos"? i can now say it really doesn't mean much until you're actually living it. my sweet, angelic child has turned into an absolute menace. his favorite past times include (but are not limited to) biting my shoulders, pinching my neck, slapping me in the face and upside the head, pulling my hair (and pulling out hair) and launching toys across the room, usually in my direction, occasionally as a direct hit. seeing these words on the screen really do not do justice to his actions, i might add. he's a down-right meanie. at the end of his mean days, i want nothing to do with him. i know that sounds terrible, and rather "how could you say that?" but i want to challenge you to something. every time you are about to kiss your spouse, gf/bf... instead, slap them (or vice versa) in the face. or perhaps: say you go in for a hug, bite them on the shoulder and see how they like that. now, do this every time you make physical contact with them and then see how great they feel about you (and yourself for that matter) at the end of the day. it's quite sad, really.

moving on from the one big negative, jack is really growing. he has his words that he uses throughout the day: doggy (pronounced daw-dee), dada, mama, ball (more like bawl) and even the occasional bye bye! it is amazing how much he understands versus his limited vocab. you can ask him to bring you just about anything and he stops in his tracks, looks around, and then runs off proudly to bring it to you. he has a yellow doggy and a white bunny that he sleeps with, along with two blankies. and, it has to be those blankies. if he sees one in his hamper, he will pull them out and drag them around just like linus. pretty dang adorable. so blankies get washed before we run errands that way they're done when we return. and lately, he's all about ben. ben cannot leave the room without jackie having a complete and utter meltdown. even if it's just closing the bathroom door (apparently, having a child taught him to shut the door, thank goodness), jack will throw himself on the floor, crying big ol' crocodile tears. and if you haven't guessed it yet, jackie's kryptonite is ben; the one thing/human to make him stop moving... he will sit with his dada for minutes, sometimes up to 20 minutes, just snuggling, touching his facial hair or twisting his arm hair between his chubby digits. myself, i can't get jack to sit for more than 5 seconds (seriously) on my lap. the boy does not stop but for his dada. how sweet.

jack got to play with his first frog last week. i sure wish i would have had my camera outside with us! i was mowing the lawn and jackie was busy pushing around his dump truck. so i was clippin right along when all of a sudden, something teeny springs from the earth. i knew exactly what it was so i ran over to jack, ran him back over before he (had to be a he) hopped away... jack was so confused as to why he was not able to pick this little guy up. but, every time jack touched him, boiiing! boiiing! jack then got mad. running in place, stomping his feet, a little yelling. typical tantrum. so we just watched him be on his way. i had never seen a frog in our yard before, but i think he was headed for jack's pool. which brings me to...

pictures from jack's first time in his new kiddie pool. even came with a slide and that is his favorite part!

splash, splash

Sunday, July 5, 2009

independence day

we spent the afternoon at my uncle bob's cabin in willow. well actually, we spent it at his friend's cabin on long lake in willow. jack sure enjoyed himself. new friends to give him treats, shoulder rides and endless games of tossing the ball. there were about as many dogs as people - and no, there were not 3 a piece, i'm talking like double-digits of pooches all of whom got along greatly. bella fit right in; ben is convinced she may have found a boyfriend or three. ben played on the stand up water toys, jack splashed in the water with his uncle bob and his cousin callie, while i managed to stay on dry land, soaking up as much of the sunshine as irishly possible without turning into a walking lobster.

enjoy the pictures from our day of fun...

Friday, July 3, 2009

you had me at "topsoil"

thursday was bulldoze-city. benji dozed for roughly 7 hours when he finally decided to call in some heavy hitters, or rather, one heavy hitter. he made a call to one of his buddies to come and assist him in the final finishing touches. i am so proud of him for actually asking for help! guys: you all hear that it's ok to stop and ask for directions, but it's also ok to ask for help in other areas! us girls promise! so ben's friend steve came over and managed to doze for maybe an hour. poor ben. should have called him earlier!

dada and the cute friend.

friday was like no other friday, not the typical breeze-into-the-weekend, no sir. benji started the day at 6:30 am, coffee down the hatch, waiting at the pit at 8 am sharp. one load would take about a half hour, so two loads an hour, and he finished up at 5:30. my man can get it done! 14 loads of topsoil for our front yard. steve came back over around noon and by that point there were 7 loads waiting for him to smooth all out. the front area looks amazing. also, a huge thanks owed to my sweet uncle bob and cousin callie's boyfriend mikey for helping with the additional raking and finishing touches. steve took off around 3 and that left benji to finish up around the island. actually, he is out front as i type. the good news besides all the other greatness of today, is that this will be done tonight so we can actually play this weekend! it's practically unheard of that we would do anything other than house shtuff when there is time off!

here's how the front is shaping up


and here's the island

shot from driveway #2

driveway #1

happy independence day to you all! be safe and have fun! xoxo