Friday, March 30, 2012

lahaina & maalaea evenings - day 8 & 9

after the anniversary celebration and being gone through the following afternoon, jackie was in need of some parent time.  so we thought, we really needed to spend time with just jack, giving him the attention that he was so craving.  ben and i realized that our time away was making him a tad anxious, as he had been acting out for a few days.  so, we smooched the sister and said goodnight.

wanting to make the evening exciting and special, i mentioned that we could get ice cream when we got to lahaina.  well... another lesson learned.  if you're gonna spring something like that on a kid, be prepared to follow through - in, like, minutes time!  we had about a half hour drive, and jb asked about ice cream, the entire way, every few minutes.  it was all he could think about!  talk about insanity when you've answered the same question over and over for close to 45 minutes because duh! we still had to walk to one!

but all is forgiven when you see that face.  yeah?  

 yellow fire truck?  jb lost his mind!

we swung by a few of our favorite shops, picking out some t-shirts and hats.  jackie spotted the crocs store, so we scooped up a pair of red kicks, complete with those ridiculous doo-das that poke through the many holes.  he didn't quite grasp why i kept putting them in his shoes.  dats not wight, mama!  but ultimately, he was ok with it, only he had to instruct where the ambulance, dump truck, fire truck and percy train would go.  just so.  after our shopping spree, we decided on bubba gump shrimp  co. for dinner.  there were some birthday kids in the restaurant, and jb couldn't help himself - he loves cheering and clapping for a birthday!      

 a boat full of fish & chips for jb's dinner = blew his mind!
 bubba lves maui
 cheesin' nicely over his new angel fish

 barely thinks to snuggle with relatives, but he'll hold hands with this guy?!

for an anniversary gift, we were surprised with a sunset dinner cruise.  the boat left out of maalaea harbor and toured for close to 3 hours.  perfect for whale watching and getting wind in your hair.  we even spotted a sea turtle.  and the sunset?  the first night that it was unobstructed since our arrival.  beautiful, beautiful evening as a twosome.    

leaving maalaea
shortly after, we spotted some humpbacks, a mother & child.
the other boat had a great, up close show.

 you'll fly over these when landing on maui.  
they're incredible.
 twenty 1.5 megawatt wind turbines
 lana'i, in the distance
 cotton candy clouds

 sounding the conch at sunset
oh, and i forgot to include these pictures from the cousin's wedding night in lahaina...


a day at the beach with friends - day 8

i was SO excited for this day to get here.  (not more than our anniversary but still pretty excited.)  we were going ziplining!  we organized with our friends and two grammas, and it was happening.  but.

ahhh, ka'anapali.  you love to rain in the mornings.  

so our ziplining was cancelled.  and they could rebook us, but we'd have to stay until saturday.  (not like that would have been so bad...)  but it wasn't gonna work.  so, ben and i convinced our friends that life the weather was better down in wailea.  come to our beach.  (ha.)  but they did!  

we decided it would be fun to have all the kids ride together to the beach.  (ok, so maybe i wanted a break...)  so my dear husband, took one for the team, and drove to the beach with 4 kids.  in a minivan.  did you (or i) ever think those words would come outta my mouth?!  well, i have proof of his grand sportsmanship.  such a team player, my benji.

sand equipment?
crabby pants found by benji
 i got sunscreen in her eyes, like, 10 minutes after arriving.
poor bubba.  
she snuggled on my lap for over an hour.
 sorry, i had to capture my {fabulous} nails.
they've never been all one length for such a long period of time!
apparently, being on vacation agrees with me.
and she wasn't gonna give up her pretzels.

 boogie board maniac!

matthew and roberta wanted to snorkel, so we watched their kiddos while they were away.  ben brought the boys out to jump some waves and bumped into papa frank.  and then of course, mimi was feeling left out, so ben had to come back to get her.  we had so much fun playing with our alaska friends in hawaiian waters.  


when papa frank wasn't in the ocean, holding a kid and playing in the waves, he was playing with dylan.  sharing pretzels and raisins, smooching and tickling.  how super cute.

 you won't believe it, but she's saying 
such a tease...

ben and i with our minis

 i'm elated over this snuggle time.
 sue and i toned up our shoulders digging 4 holes.
below, is the best of 6 pictures, trying to get 4 kids and a gramma to look at the camera!  

this beach day's a wrap!