Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas day

we got an early start on christmas morning, as we were heading into anchorage to spend some time with granddad ben, grandma shirley, aunt sharon and papa paul. lory joined us for the festivities as well. before making our drive, we managed to open a few more presents, demolish a gooey batch of cinnamon rolls and snap a few pictures of along the way.

jack's expression when he spotted the kitchen: incomparable. he was totally enamored by all the knobs, doors and cupboards and of course all the wooden food. (inside, i was extremely excited too!) i see many, many, many hours of "cooking" and "laundry" in jack and dylan's future.

at the miebs' residence, shirley prepared a fabulous dinner and once again, our family was blessed with some very nice gifts. however, the best gift was being together.

coffee shop sucker at 10 a.m.?! why not - it's Christmas!
lory and dad, big ol' bear hug greeting
papa paul
rolling the ball with his auntie
new sock mouse!
great granddad
great aunt sharon
great grandma shirley
playing auntie lory's new guitar
the miebs fam
BIG girl
good bye, Christmas, see you next year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas eve

ben's mother and sister, along with my girlfriend, sarah, came out to spend christmas eve with us. we started early in hopes of keeping a somewhat normal schedule with naps, and so the girls were not on the roads after dark. and of course this time of year, that means heading out before 3 pm. i know we are now gaining light, but so far, i haven't noticed. the sun still goes night-night before 4 and for me, that's like 4 hours too soon.

ben prepared some pretty tender steaks while i buttered the lobster tails. we enjoyed chipotle-seasoned sweet potato fries, green salad and fresh garlic bread. sarah brought a delicious pumpkin roll that has since been devoured in its entirety. mmm!

quickly after dinner (at jackie's request) we opened presents. this year especially, i felt no need for gifts. in the past, there had been that desire for maybe a nordstrom gift card or even a certificate for a massage. but now, all i care about is the look on my son's face - and i'm looking forward to next year, seeing dylan rip into some presents too. i will say the only thing i continue to wish for or buy for myself is ornaments. looking at our collection, i can practically remember each year we received them (and i have most of the ones from my childhood as well). such special memories in such a small package. the kids were truly blessed with so many nice gifts. i know jack gets excited about new toys, but i look forward to new books. jb and dilly received some CUTE books from papa frank & nana sue, aunt jeanette & uncle bill, sarah and gramma d & mark. we read so many books every day that getting new ones is a treat for ben and i too. thank you, dear ones!

after we tucked the kids in for bed, ben started piecing together jack and dylan's new kitchen. the box had several dozen wooden parts and a bazillion screws, dowles and dohickies. it took close to 3 hours to put together. i wish i could say i helped, but i didn't. something like that is better to be done alone or you'll likely end up with upside-down cupboards.

dylan's first present-opening experience
mmm, tasty.
sock monkey!
love the squatting
new piggy for my piggy