Sunday, September 25, 2011

4x4'in at eklutna lake

great days start out with candy.  kinda the words i've lived by my whole life, and i see our children following my lead.  (my apologies to the dentist!)  coffee for the husband and i, suckers for the kiddos;  it's just the way it goes.  and, don't you just love that there isn't a speck of sugar on jack's face?  but oh the horror - you should have heard him - "mama, cwean up duey's face, pweeeeease!  duey make big mess aww over her face!"  i like that he's always on top of things.   

so on a gorgeous sunday afternoon, we drove up to eklutna lake, four-wheelers in tow.  i've walked this trail many times with the kiddos, but never had the chance to view it from a four-wheeler's perspective.  (see: 5-15 mph)  3 days a week, they allow four-wheelers to share the path with walkers and bicyclists.  it gets a little hairy at times, but everyone is respectful and out there for the same reason: fresh air, gorgeous views and together-time with family and friends.     

we drove 6 miles back, and it took us 2 hours, one way.  it's slow going at times, with narrow trails, ruts and bumps, puddles galore, fallen leaves, waterfalls and bridges - there's always something to capture the kid's attention.  

ben started out with dylan.  then, when it was possible for ben and i to ride side-by-side, and she caught a real glimpse of me - instead of just my backside - she was ready to jump dada's ship.  so, we traded kids.

 see ya yater, mama!
 she takes her four-wheeling very serious.

 stunning views

on our way back, we stopped at a great spot on the lake to eat our sandwiches, throw some rocks and soak up the sunshine.  ben and i could have taken naps on the shore, but alas, one of our many jobs are to keep dylan from drowning and jack from poking people's eyes out with all the rocks he was busy lobbing.  

 lunch on the shore

 truly a gorgeous day up in the mountains

  rock throwin' fool

 cheese, mama.

we made it back to the truck after 4 hours.  the kids were wiped, and truthfully, so were their parents.  we stopped for ice cream at rochelle's and continued home.  i glanced in the {quiet} backseat and saw both babes with their respective blankies pulled over their head.  i couldn't help but laugh.  but like most instances, dylan was merely copying her older brother.  she heard me and quickly threw her blanket off her head and laughed with me.  i couldn't get her to cover up again, but if i had, i would have missed this sweet smile.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


last saturday, the kids and i drove out to the butte for pyrah's fall harvest festival.  (ok, so not festivus!)  it was a balmy, late summer day, pushing 65 degrees, with blinding sun at times.  (and here, i packed our down vests and hoodies!)  there was plenty of activities for the kids; it's just too bad that every line was 15-20 minutes long.  the hay ride (which i was most excited about) was a 40 minute wait, and did i mention the entrance wait was 15 minutes?  dylan was close to meltdown by the time we got our hands stamped.  thank goodness i always pack snacks.  i never go anywhere without my distraction yummies!  but even so, the kiddos enjoyed themselves.    

i have to add, this shirt was his uncle matt's. 
ca. 1979
 sad, green pumpkins

there was a burlap maze with hay bales for climbing and loose hay for throwing at the center of the maze.  we spent a while there playing and laughing, but mostly shaking out our clothes, thanks to jackie b.  he had a blast in the middle of the maze, but not so much trying to get there.  i think his tears were more frustration.  yeah, that's it.

 dylan on her way
 we made it!


after the maze, we grabbed some $20 boy scout caramel corn (again, because the line for the food was ridiculous!) and made our way out to the vegetables.  i really can't get over how beautiful of a day it was. the kids ran up and down the rows, took turns (and helped each other) push the stroller and even posed for a sweet picture together.  these are the easy days as a mother.

 caramel corn!
bottom line: they love each other.

 i adore her hazel eyes

 "thumper eats dose, wight mama?"

on our way back, we stopped in the leaf, what, enclosure - a constructed box of hay bales full of fall leaves for jumping in, throwing and getting buried.  i tried to convince jb to let me bury him, but naturally, he wanted nothing to do it.  not when, he could throw somethings (leaves) at his sister and not get reprimanded.  and duey, she's always such a good sport.

an enclosure of grain.  not quite as appealing.  
but jack called this squa-wishy on my stinky feet

 take picture of ME!