Friday, November 9, 2012

fast-forward october

october came and went.  that's usually the way this month goes for us - jb's birthday; halloween; frolicking in the woods, capturing the leaves changing; last minute hiking attempts; savoring every last bit of warmth in the air.  i love fall.  this year just went by way too fast for my liking.

we were spared of snow in october, but the wind and the nippy air froze things up and made for some chilly outings.  we managed to get outside a few times, long enough to freeze up our hands and require tissues for our runny noses.  although, if it's going to be cold, i think everyone is just ready for the snow to fly...    

frozen lake lucille
sunrise out the studio window

on {what would have been} grandma pat's 81st birthday, we brought her flowers - pink-tipped roses - grandpa jack would have chosen the same, for sure.  in the past, i've done these sorts of gestures with the kids, but having gramma d along, made it even more special.  i know she thought so, too. 

rather than carving pumpkins this year, we bought a bag of mini ones and painted the heck outta them.  the kids enjoyed this WAY more than they ever have carving.  it makes sense though.  so far, they have yet to carve a pumpkin; they get to just sit back and watch.  and, who carves a pumpkin quickly - or rather, who carves a pumpkin at a toddler's preferred fast-pace?!  not us.  we're left to the goop and sliminess, while the kids have been long over it, playing on the floor with trucks, puzzles, bulldog, etc.  next year, i'm sure will be a repeat of paints and sparkles.

  super-serious pumpkin decorating.
but, the seriousness faded quickly.

the next night, after the paint had dried, we were able to decorate our pumpkins with (our personal favorite) googly eyes, mustaches, puffy paint mouths and foam stickers.  dada even got in on the fun.

 jb decorated with trucks, ben took over applying tiny faces


halloween was extremely low-key.  in the past, i've spent waaay too much time and money on costumes they can't wait to get out of.  and, considering my energy level, i just didn't care to put so much effort into such a thankless "holiday" - oh, that's sounds like the pits.  but.  i'm already over it.

jb asked repeatedly to be a caterpillar, but this year, you couldn't have paid me to sit at my sewing machine.  so, if he wants to be a caterpillar next year, dammit, i'm making the most elaborate insect ever.  there.  dylan wanted nothing to do with any part of halloween.  well, no, except the candy part.  she was all over that.  but costumes?  leave her alone.

i bought jb a spiderman mask for his school party, and he picked out a matching tee at the store.  done.  considering it was negative degrees for trick or treating, i'm so thankful i didn't waste my energies only to watch him leave the house in full snow gear.  if i've learned anything being a mother, it's practicality!

yep, we hand out the big bars.