Monday, October 29, 2012

august sheep hunt

ben and two of his friends, don and sean, went on a ten-day sheep hunt on the barnard glacier (yes, ON the glacier) near the town of mccarthy, nestled in the wrangell mountains.  

i was suppose to be on this hunt.  i really can't express the disappointment i had for days approaching and weeks after.  we had been planning this hunt for months - well, no, the better part of the year, really.  getting pregnant was something we were hoping for, but just kept saying, it can happen any time after the sheep hunt.  we all know God has different plans for us, and i was happy to be missing out on the hunt this year, if it meant bringing home a healthy babe in the not-so-distant future.  the mountains and the sheep aren't going anywhere...

as excited as i was about taking a sheep, i was even more excited to capture the beauty of that northern region of alaska.  i pleaded with benji:
puh-lease take pictures while you're out there - and not just the trophy pictures!  

my man more than succeeded at his task:  164 pictures in ten days.  atta boy.      

benji, spotting for sheep

the boys and sean's ram

 camp.  home.  
cooking some fresh protein to get through the last few miles until pick up.

my biggest worry about going out on a 7-10 day hunt was not so much as if i could do it, but could i go that long without a shower?  i think the longest has been a weekend camping or cabin trip.  but a week and a half?  ewww.  my husband doesn't worry about something as trivial as a shower because he's man enough to take a dip in glacier water.  i would rather be stinky than do such a silly, nonsensical task like bathing in a glacier.

after ten days, i'm sure this was a welcomed sight.

september snowfall

i have to admit.  the snowfall on september 29th did not make me nearly as sad as the first snowfall usually does.  i woke up that morning, to a little creature in my room, whispering:

mama, it snowed last night.  yots.  come yook.  see?  

as he pulled back the curtains to reveal the blinding light and snow covering the ground, i couldn't help but remember times of doing just that when i was little.  the first snowfall is always exciting.

 dylan's laughable, teeny-tiny snowman

 all that's missing from these two photos are a harness and the kiddos yelling MUSH!

maybe knowing that it was too early for the snow to actually stick, well, that was a little relief, too.

18 weeks

as i look at dylan, 2.5 years old, it's hard to believe that jackie was that old when we first brought her home.  he was so little, and yet, i expected so much from him!  dylan is very mature for her age (i mean, i compare her to where jb was at 2.5 years old...)  but, i'm still relieved that we have months to go before another miebs baby is introduced.  let them be little!  we all know how fast it goes. sad face.

jack is very excited to have another baby in the house.  he is very lovey when it comes to smooching my belly and talking to the baby.  and, if you ask him what we're having, he's pretty certain there's a boy inside.  he notices babies when we're out in the stores and talks to me about them in this little baby voice of his; it's darling.

i was 18 weeks as of last thursday, his 5th birthday.  
he happily agreed to be in the picture this week.

everything is just happening sooner, this time around.  a few weeks ago, i've started seeing the physical therapist i saw with jb at 7 months.  it frightens me that i'm not even half-way through this pregnancy, and i'm already feeling such discomfort.  being proactive should hopefully help me in the long run and get this pain under control now, rather than being miserable for another 5 (6) months.

another "sooner" that i covered already, nesting, has helped in getting most of my christmas shopping done.  and wrapped.  and hidden far back in ben's closet.  we really don't buy for many people/families, but my kiddos are taken care of.  i have some online orders to finish this week, and i'm quite tickled with myself that i've got my booty in gear so early.  LOVE that second trimester boost of energy!  i'm sure you notice my blog count for october has reached the double-digits...

feeling baby move in the evenings - sure love winding down with baby 3 for the night.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

first timer's butte hike

september 8 was a gorgeous autumn day.  never knowing how many blue skied-days are left of the season, we jumped at the chance to go for a hike.  finally starting to feel human again, it was the perfect opportunity to hike the butte with gramma d and mark.  their first time.  i couldn't wait to have them see the landscape in person, not just from my nikon's point of view.

 my own little mountain goat.

 they made it!
 my daughter has just a teensy bit of personality.  
i have to include these pictures of her because she makes me so happy.

every time we drive by the go-carts, i hear about it.  dat place looks like FUN!  i promised the little man that after our hike, we could drive the go-carts.  i'll do {pretty much} anything to see this kid smile and hear his giggle.


september, gone in a flash

after our last visit to echo lake, where we were practically carried away by the mosquitos, i was eager to get back and walk further around the lake.  i think this place just must be a dud, for us.  the bugs were still pretty buggy, and i don't think it's a trail that gets much use.  gramma d and i had to find sticks to swat the path in front of us to avoid becoming ninjas at all the spiderwebs spreading across our faces - gah!  how gross is that?!  freaks me out and pisses me off all at once!

we found mushrooms and railroad tracks, so it wasn't a complete bust.  the kids kept track of bella, constantly yelling for her.  they both love their bullydog.  

echo lake

this was the summer & autumn of slugs... or, as jb calls them: skwugs.  i'm not sure why he insists on making things harder on himself, but he just does.  skwugs.  in my mind, i can still recall ben's exact face when jb first said skwug to him.  baffled.  pure confusion.  his mind went into overdrive, desperately trying to figure out what the heck his son was saying.  oh, jack.  the stories i'm going to have to tell.

my usually-clean-handed child makes the exception to his rule when he's outside, in search of the not-so-elusive slug.  unearthing rocks and boulders.  digging down deep into my flower bed.  the kid is mad.  dare i say slugs have taken over his mushroom fascination?  no, no.  that's not true.  let's just say he's added another obsession to his list of favorite, laughable, outdoorsy findings.

skwugs.  whatta riot.  

we visited peters creek on a sunny saturday afternoon with mark and gramma d.  we hadn't been to this creek before which is a complete mistake because it was so much fun.  several areas to get close enough to not only throw rocks, sticks, leaves in the water, but a low enough bed to actually get into the water, which is dyl's m.o.  if there's water, she's getting wet - boots to cheeks.  she just can't help herself.

jack had fun finding (and kicking) mushrooms.  the betzold's enjoyed time with the kiddos, and i enjoyed the sun on my face.  at one point, i closed my eyes, with my face in the direct sun rays, imagining i was on a different sort of water's edge; i'm thinking palm trees, sugar-soft sand...

super-duper fun park in anchorage at westchester lagoon!  i've run by this park during many of my races.  it has always grabbed my attention, and we finally took the time to see what it was all about.  the kids have never played at a park like this before.  so much fun and creative playground equipment.  i'm sure these new fun swings and climbing doo-das are all over the lower-48 parks, but up here, this is a new discovery for us in the far north.  

we'll be visiting again.  soon.  

gramma had fun, too.

state fair

we usually take in the fair 2 or 3 times.  this year, we just barely made it once before it closed until next august.  it's not as if there were all these great, sunshiny opportunities to take in the rides and sweet treats.  we had rain for most of the fair's 10-day run.  and, baby 3 wasn't exactly craving any of the fair food, or rather, fair food smells, i should say.  but.  we made an appearance and managed to stay (mostly) dry and (relatively) warm.

ben started working more hours at the end of august; he was gone on a 10-day sheep hunt; the shop was (is) taking up any free time; and of course, the little man took notice.  he so craves his dada's attention, love and affection.  i was sad to leave behind dylan on our fun fair outing, but i was happy for jb to have some quality time with his favorite big guy.  their relationship melts me.    

this was jb between every ride - couldn't get off the present ride fast enough, sprinting to the next one.

these fun mazes sure are funny.  this was right before jb walked into the glass, forehead first.  i can't even describe the giggles that came out of him (and ben & i) after!  even now, two months later, jack saw this picture and cracked up:  'member that, mama?  i bonked my head!  

 of course, he had to ride in the one with dylan's name!

 happy day with my two favorite guys.