Saturday, April 5, 2014

day 95

this girl is FOUR. in many ways, i feel like she's older. she can definitely keep up physically with jb, sometimes outshining him in the fine & gross motor skills, but she still lacks the mental maturity of someone jack's age. she'll get there...

oh, but she's a lover. and her #1 is this guy right here. 

they've always had a super-special and unique bond. nothing has ever touched it. come close. she loves me and prefers me when she's hurt, but man, if she needs some lovin' and cuddle time, she's squirming right into his safeness. 

for her birthday, we kept things low-key. her birthday fell on a saturday, so we had a birthday breakfast! cupcakes before 11 am? why not?!

i know i've mentioned her goofiness...

this happened while we were talking birthday and presents and wrapping paper and cupcakes and candles - where's baby tess?! oh, just half-way up the stairs!!! naturally, i grab my camera. thank goodness i have super-safe husband.

wanted to capture my birthday girl on her birthday. a little photo sesh, but oh, it was chilly-brrrr. we'll have a take-two in a few more weeks...

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