Wednesday, February 5, 2014

day 36

jack attends a charter school that we "pay" for by donating our time. being in the classroom isn't always feasible, so i was given the option of making their friday beans via pressure cooker.

i had never used one of these scary contraptions before, but i've come to learn and feel comfortable with the task. it's time consuming, but it's also kinda fun. i get in my hours and feel happy to contribute to his school day.

black beans.
dried onion.
chili powder.

i've been doing the beans since november, but it was only recently that jb witnessed me in action.  up until that point, he did not believe that i made them.  

nooo, they come from school.  they're school beans!

it was fun for him to help measure and pour, hear the whistling of the cooker and see them come out, alive and bubbling.  he now tells his friends proudly, 

my mama is the bean yady.

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