Saturday, June 14, 2014

day 165

oh, man. so behind. how do 3 weeks go by in a flash?!

i hurt my arm and was seeing my lovely PT for a two-week period. as quickly as my symptoms came on, they were gone. but during that time, i couldn't do much. hurt to hold my camera, my youngest daughter, wash dishes, drive, blow-dry my hair... really, any regular activities caused near-tears. i felt like a sally many times throughout the day - once spilling a few tears from the simple motion of tightening a zippy cup! what?!

but, i'm back to good and ready for catch up! i managed to capture moments from daily life but haven't had the extra time to show some love to blogger.

here we go...

cheater post - i simply took a screen shot of these "notes" as i came across them on this late evening.

it's hard to imagine i even had a boy list going, but back then, i was sure i was carrying a boy!

love looking back on these names. we were still coming up with name combinations a day later, as you see the post was updated 3/21, 9:29 pm - she was born 3/20, 8:13 pm.

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