Friday, September 5, 2014

day 248

i was so sick. sounds like the titled of a mercer mayer book...

it was all my body could do to fix a breakfast, make a lunch, drive across town & back home and get baby 3 down for a nap. i turned on disney junior for the orange-head, unlocked the pantry and whispered into her ear that 

mama was sick, mama needs a nap.

i think kids either know when mom is serious or this one was just that desperate for free-range of the home front.

i fell asleep around 10 in the morning, waking around noon. the house was quiet and baby 3 was still snoozing. God bless my household. i peeked into the living room and could hear dylan playing upstairs in coveted big brother's room where she normally is not allowed unless she wants a big-brother-style beating. i grabbed a sip of water and climbed back into bed, setting my alarm for 2. i woke like i hadn't even fallen asleep - love those super-sound sleeps! tess also apparently loves super-sound sleep as SHE WAS STILL ASLEEP, but this time, i found duey back on the couch with a rather large bowl of applesauce, complete with ground cinnamon sprinkled on top! clearly, i am not needed.

i pulled myself together (see: ball cap), woke tess and fell into my rig for another haul across town.

three things: 
  1. i'm thankful for that glorious sleeping baby, 
  2. i'm always thankful (and never take for granted!) my health, and 
  3. i'm thankful for unexplained funniness. like below. i'm not sure what duey was creating or if she "read" all these books while i slumbered or maybe it was a pathway to nothing. regardless, i love her and her silly mind.

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