Wednesday, September 10, 2014

day 253

my pops and his childhood friend arrived tonight - they came to accompany ben and jack on a moose hunt! so of course, food had to be cooked and packed. and since my little man was going along, it was extra-important for me to pack enough - seriously, this kid eats. i don't know how he packs it away. i don't know where it all goes. but. the kid. can. EAT.

besides all the groceries i packed, i also threw together a chicken chili, a moose meat sauce to go with a gallon-sized baggie of cooked penne. the rolls below? those became sticky buns (see: karo and butter and brown sugar and a packet of jello vanilla pudding... yeah, you probably wouldn't like them...) also made 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies because, well, you can't go wrong with them thangs.

by 9 pm, we had dinner; kids were in bed and snoozing 45 minutes later, and i'm not sure i saw the time click over to 10 pm. long day but all in the name of love.

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