Sunday, October 24, 2010

all in the name of love.

i often find myself thinking back to where i was at this exact moment, a year ago; four years ago; seven years ago... take for instance, three years ago at this exact minute, i was on the phone with my mother asking her to time my contractions. uh, annie? you might want to make your way to the hospital; you're about 2 minutes apart. that's right, mr. jack benjamin was attempting to make his way into this wonderful world. i was not only an hour from the hospital, but my husband was dead-to-the-world, sleeping rather peacefully next to me as i was focusing on every inhale and exhale that left my lips.

thinking back to that day, it's hard to imagine that jack is turning three. it really is true that you will never forget the birth of your children. i've listened to my mother tell her birth stories repeatedly, usually at my command, and i even remember her telling me that it feels like yesterday. delivering jack was likely the most incredible experience of my life. (and naturally, dylan is a close second!) but, just as my labor had its peaks and valleys so has this ride of raising him.

today's birthday party was a success. the kiddos came in adorable costumes, the art project was a hit and kept their attention for a shockingly long time, cupcakes were devoured, juice boxes were slurped, no blood was spilled by any child, toys were shared, smiles were plastered on everyone's face... yep, i'd say we did all right!

so after clean up and dinner, and after babies were put to bed, ben and i retreated to our room where the night wasn't quite over - i hadn't wrapped a single present and the biggest surprise of all was a set table and chairs that needed to be assembled. so, two hours later, i find myself in bed, typing away in an attempt to wind down and reflect. it's funny the things we do for our children. really, it's all to see their gorgeous faces light up in excitement. that alone is worth all the late hours, all the back and knee pain from putting teeny pieces of furniture together and paper cuts from the wrapping. that's why we do what we do. and as i think back to my own parent's late nights, seeing the hall light shine from the crack under my door, they were likely doing just the same. all in the name of love.


  1. So sweet :) my second little boy is due any day now and your post made me think of Max's arrival. Nothing is better than being a mom... even through the sleepless nights and the days that seem to last forever. Happy birthday to Jack and congrats to you for surviving and thriving for 3 years!

  2. thanks, heather. you're right, nothing is better than being a mama. my biggest happiness and biggest success in life! i love it: surviving AND thriving! and congrats on TWO little boys!