Thursday, October 14, 2010

i'm back.

well, my camera is back. and wouldn't you know, i snapped a dozen pictures when i got home, before i even took my coat off. oh nikon, how i missed your smooth textured surface and your sweet click-click-clicking! silly. mr. fix-it man informed me the flash release button had taken quite an impact, and i had to inform him that the impact's name was jack.

dylan had her 6 month well baby exam a few days ago. this is when i wish there was another me. this me would take dylan to get vaccines, wipe bubba's bottom and make dinner in evenings for the real me. keep dreaming... so she only gained a pound, but reached the 95% for height. it all evens out eventually. i recall jack having major gains one month and then barely having any the next. dylan loves her little bouncer/entertainment seat dealie. she really boogies these days. she always has something in her mouth - except new teeth. she's still working on that. and just to let me know how much she's working on them, she really woke me up this morning with a looong bite and pull, if you get what i mean. hello! i let out a yelp, enough to startle her into letting go. this didn't happen with jack until he had teeth, but it hurt just as bad. and if you don't think that could hurt, ask your neighbor to help with you something and tell me how that works out for you.

pictures from this afternoon

oh, she's yummy.

i don't think i can fully explain how much this little one loves her dada - and vice versa. i think i mentioned a few weeks back that she's to the point where she's not much fun to hold... that is, unless you're ben miebs. i'm not sure what it's about, but she will sit still with him, one arm flung out and the other one (naturally) to her mouth. and i'm not talking minutes, more like half hour, after after hour, eventually falling asleep. we're in the middle of a major father-daughter bond here. it's gross. (can you tell i'm a teensy, eensy bit jealous?!)

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  1. Cute new pics!! Miss O loves her daddy more than anyone too (Other than our dog). She will lay back with him and watch toons, she plays games with him. She's smiled at him since she was 1st born even....ahhh.