Tuesday, October 5, 2010


do you have that certain something that you never leave home without, always have on your body or close enough to reach out and touch? maybe it's some jewelry or a watch, God forbid your mobile phone or possibly it's a tube of chapstick. well, mine is my camera. it's either on the kitchen counter or wrapped loosely around my wrist or mostly, pushed up against my right eye. and yet as of today, it's been at the repair shop for a mere 4 days, and i'm coming unglued. i don't even feel right about blogging without having it plugged in to upload new funny faces or creative parking spaces for toys a la jack miebs. i have been pretty consistent with capturing those milestone days like the 3 and 6 month birthdays, but unfortunately, the 6 month picture will have to be a few weeks late. i just pray that my camera is back in my hands before jackie's THIRD birthday. still trying to wrap my head around that one...

jack benjamin, 1 hour old

yes, the perfect smelling, little dude that was a simple 7 pounds 8.5 ounces is now a full-on syrup smelling (on a few mornings a week), 34 pound boy. always a truck in hand, making vrroooom sounds or asking me to watch how high he can jump. singing to himself in his room, laughing until he gets the hiccups, telling me to be careful and good job, mama. he is certainly coming around from the holy terror that he was last year, well shoot, even 3 months ago. he has new words and phrases daily; i watched as he walked into the bathroom, closed the door and then excitedly announced: poo poo, mama! the kid is incredible. right down to moments in the grocery store when he announces that i toots. never knew i could love this much.

you should never compare kiddos because they just all develop, grow and learn at such different rates. but in this case, i must. picture wise, it's ok. right? plus, it's fun to take a walk down memory lane...

oh, i could go on and on and on...

dylan will be 6 months tomorrow. kind of hard to believe she's at that half-way mark. she doesn't go in for her well baby check-up until next tuesday so i can't provide you with any stats just yet. but, i can tell you all about her. the latest (but not greatest) trick is a rather annoying. she's found her voice - or that of a peregrine falcon. she's has learned to shriek and squeal, and truthfully, i would not be surprised if birds began to flock toward our house. cute at first. obnoxious to date. still no teeth, but man, are we a drooly mess. her chubby, starfish-shaped hands stay slimy and cold throughout the day because she can't keep them out of her mouth. she sleeps in 12-13 hour stretches at night. not a lot of interest in food just yet, but i'm sure at our visit next week i'll be urged to get on that baby food train. good bye non-smelling diapers, hello peeee-uuuuu!


  1. I can't believe our boys are almost 3...where on earth did the time go? I think I have a matching falcon screamer here in MN, man Alive!

    Cute pics of the kids...they do look a lot alike!!

  2. You'd think you had Twins! Soo much fun! They are both soo beautiful and cute,as twins and individually! It will be great to see what Dylan looks like when she's 3 years old (ohh what will life bring to us all by then!) to see if your two cute little munchkins follow in the same footsteps or if she goes in anotehr direction look wise.. ahh the fun little details that go along with the fun stuff with kiddos.. can't wait for my own!

  3. Wowzers they look alike!!! I can't believe Jack is going to be 3 so soon. Although, I'm anxious to get this gift out of my closet that I've had for a month or two :) Love the pictures of the babies! Hope to see you all soon, or at least find time for a phone date!

  4. ha! staci, i said almost the exact same thing on your site just moments ago!

    i know, i remember looking at erica's comparisons of her girls thinking that i was glad she labeled the pictures because i probably couldn't tell some of them apart. if it weren't for dilly's red hair, i would have had to label as well! they both have those big ol eyes that i love so much too.

    kayt, you're going to have a blast with babies of your own! it truly has been my greatest amount of happiness in life!

    erica, you crack me up! i'm the same with with buying so far in advance! i've been shopping for jack's birthday since august and so need his birthday to get here so i can clean out my closet. maybe some of his gifts will be for chrstmas...