Monday, September 23, 2013

18 x 24

remember this post ?

last weekend, ben and some loyal friends flew out to our cabin site to begin the building project.  they completed the foundation and rolled the floor joist.  i think they felt accomplished at what was finished in just a few days' time.

he's telling me: we'll be cozy by the wood stove this winter!  another trip out there, and he'll have the floor sheeted and walls framed.   but, i keep thinking, that's pretty ambitious considering he's taking the kids with him next time!  what - they're HUGE helpers!  no?!

putting in the posts for the foundation
view 1
 view 2
 putting up the beams
rolling joists 

ben didn't want to sheet the floor because he figured it would be covered in snow next time he made it out.  so, rather than shoveling snow, they wrapped the pile in a tarp and called it good.  next visit, they'll be able to throw the plywood sheets down and frame up the walls.

18 x 24 foot cabin!

sunday night, they got weathered in; talkeetna had some serious winds so the 206 couldn't take-off.  this wasn't expected, and they only brought food for the two days... so what did my mountain man do - take the boys out and catch some trout!  (boat availability, thanks to granddad!)


  1. Look at that view!!! How far is this from your house?!?!? I want to go to the cabin on my next visit :)

    1. it's about 2.5 hours north. we either get dropped off by float plane (a dock will be built eventually) or by four wheeler or snow machine. the train can drop us off too, but we'd still have to snow machine back to the cabin. it's what you'd call REMOTE.