Wednesday, September 18, 2013

tactical & textile

to shooting a couple hundred rounds of ammo over a day and a half to sewing appliqué. i am woman, hear my sewing machine foot pedal roar.

on a saturday morning, i attended a 4-hour class on handgun safety, statistics of anchorage and south central alaska crime (mostly rape, alcohol-related incidences, domestic violence), safety, firearm training schools throughout the US, safety and oh - did i mention safety?  the class was a major eye-opener for me.  i discovered that anchorage ranks #2 in crime, behind detroit, of all places.  eeek.

not only do i find it necessary to carry while on my mountain hikes for protection against wildlife, but also for the crazies that may be lurking.  i can't believe it's taken me this long to become certified.  it seems silly that i've been out with my children for years, just risking it.  the confidence in my training and the comfort i feel in my pistol has me relieved, feeling prepared and ready for most altercations that may arise.  let's just hope this readiness is all that is needed.  i've made it this long without running into wildlife, and i pray to God i never have to fire this weapon at anything but a paper or steel target.  but, it's nice to know if i had to, i'm prepared.
day 1
4-hour classroom and 3-hour range time
 day 2
the rain let up, momentarily.
kids resting at home with dada, 
while mama's perfecting the 5-shot cluster drill (notice the black circle)

the following day, in support of gramma d's upcoming surgery, jb and i picked out some fabric to appliqué a few t-shirts.  ok, this is my new favorite project!  the possibilities are endless - thread color combinations, layering fabrics, mix and match... i already picked up some new plain tees to dress up with fabric.  

gramma d liked them, just a little bit.

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