Sunday, March 2, 2014

day 61

the redhead is hysterical. 

she pops off with some of the most ridiculous comments and phrases. as of late, she follows up her requests with pwease, your majesty! she has 1,001 voices, and they're usually paired with irregular dances and finger gestures. 

i've read a handful of comedian's autobiographies, and the one thing they all share is they were funny at a young age. perhaps we have a budding comedienne? if not, she's providing countless stories for me to crack up my husband as we're winding down our night. 

on this evening, she slinked out of her room. avoided eye contact, all while walking with her arms at an uncomfortable parallel to her body. upon my discovery, i counted 7 shirts, a mixture of 3/4 length, short-sleeve, long sleeve and tank tops. 

she had no explanation. she provided no commentary. only this funny face she does with her eyes and a narrowing of her mouth. she has me speechless, several hundred times a month.

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