Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 7

we booked our helicopter tour on monday, but we were not able to get out until wednesday. it felt like forever waiting for this excursion! ben built a power line through healy the summer before i met him, and they used helicopters every day for 3+ months. regardless, he was still excited to go. i was unbelievably excited. one of those times where you can't sleep the night before. christmas morning excited.

we both thought jack would love it, but like most things you try to assume, he didn't so much. well no, i can't really say that. he had a good time, but he struggled with his ears bothering him. that really took away from him fully enjoying it. dylan screamed for the first 45 minutes - it was only a 55 minute trip! we messed up, i messed up, and should have asked more questions... she had to wear a life vest which was big and bulky, and the head phones just really put her over the top. i nursed her on and off the whole flight, in between her screaming. (thank goodness it's naturally loud and the rest of us were wearing head phones.) the vest was big enough that she couldn't pull her thumb up to her mouth either. i finally just yanked up her arm, held her elbow there in place until she finally popped it in her mouth and fell asleep. ah, well. you live and learn.

the red soil is such a sight. they even make shirts creatively called red dirt shirts where they are dyed with 100% red dirt.

this shows the peak of a mountain on the big island. it's funny to see the islands so close together.

this seems to just be clouds, but it's actually a crater. we weren't able to see inside it because of the cloud cover, but we're told it looks like something of another planet.

the amount of all the waterfalls are unreal. they are so beautiful and each one unique. and, i love the rainbows that form in an instant.

this is the hana highway. with some 600+ turns and 60 bridges - most of which are only one lane, this drive takes a good 3 hours. i did this back in the day with my mother and will likely not do it again - at least not any time soon with the babes. max speed is like 20, so yeah, flying over it was just a nice.

finally, she sleeps!

after our 8 am flight, we made our way to the beach. surprised? don't be! this is what you do on vacation with kids! ben and i are compiling a LONG list of things to do when we have help. and that's another thing, we noticed countless families traveling with what we assumed were relatives. siblings, perhaps without kids, grandparents... we are of the opinion that the whole point of a vacation is to spend time with your family and get away from it all, but it would have been nice to go out to dinner alone or go paddle boarding or play on the zip lines or... see what i mean?

this was after nap time. dylan gives jack big ol' belly laughs. she really thinks he's the cat's meow. it cracks us up to see her reaction to jack. he loves to blow on her belly, her chubby thighs, her cheeks - basically any bare skin that makes that hilarious farty sound. here, you can see he's attacking her neck, and she's loving every bit of it.

later, ben and jack left to go get take out. see, dylan is not a great night time kid. she doesn't like being in the car when it's dark. (hmm, this should make for an interesting winter with all our darkness!) it's like, her carriage turns into a pumpkin immediately... or maybe it's a rotten apple. oh, poor dilly. so we got take out two nights and the others, we just cooked dinner ourselves. it actually works better to be at the home setting anyway with the kiddos. it really is interesting how different your life and priorities become with children. all for the better. mostly. right?

ahh! and notice jack's tan line?! he was wearing 50 spf, applied twice in 3 hours!

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