Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 1

thanksgiving morning, we were en route to anchorage in the middle of a pretty nice blizzard. the roads were super-slick, people were not driving in their lanes, and man, it was slow going. we arrived at the airport with plenty of time and getting through security was not the head ache i heard it was going to be. we did the pre-boarding, got comfortable in our seats and the rest of the flight went just as smooth.

jack played with new handy manny trucks, watched cartoons on the digEplayer that alaska airlines rents out, colored and picked out stickers, used the restroom on the plane several times, read new books and played with his trucks more... he really was such a GOOD boy!

dylan was happy to nurse and snooze, nurse and snooze. the only bummer was that she really just wanted her mama, so i didn't quite get the break i was hoping for. i was counting on ben and dylan taking a nap while i could entertain bubba, but she wouldn't have it.

our first night in kihei, we grabbed sushi and plopped down to watch the sunset. as soon as the sun said goodnight, the wind picked up, dusting our sushi picnic with sand. we quickly retreated to our condo, where we put the babes to bed and rejoiced in the quiet. it was hard to believe we were finally there!

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