Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 5

there's my stud. lost all his baby weight. looking nice on the beach.

and how cute is dylan? this is the girl of many faces. the new nose wrinkle is delightful. i want to go wake her up right now. she's so adorable and cuddly. you ever do that? miss your babies and debate on waking them up? ben does that at night before we fall asleep. he tells me he wants to go crawl in bubba's bed and snuggle him. (and that's when i threaten him with certain privileges to be taken away.)

i love that he let me bury him! we started off with just the toes, then the feet, and then the legs. and finally, he let me close him all in. he even said cheeese! and waited patiently while we snapped a few pictures.

DOLPHINS! how incredible. i couldn't believe how many there were - probably close to 15 of them. there were two people out paddle boarding, and they yelled to all of us on shore to come look. i was sitting back with dylan, so i didn't hear jackie's reaction, but i'm sure it was along the lines of ohhh, woooooooow.

cousin brackston came over for a visit. he is spending the winter and spring with a friend, staying just outside makawao. jack loved showing brackston all his books and new airplane toys. brackston read a few sandra boynton books and a thomas the train story. they also played a fierce game of connect 4. dylan's take on brackston, well, see for yourself... poor girl, doesn't realize they're in an elite club together! one day, she'll learn to love him, i'm sure. i used to be frightened of my uncle bob until an embarrassing age, and now he's one of my favorite people.

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