Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 4

located on south kihei road, the maui sunset was a perfect stay for our family. when i booked this place back in march, i assumed our not-yet-born-daughter would be crawling at this point. my thought was that she's going to need grass to move on so this would be the perfect setting. regardless, we really enjoyed our stay here. we've even made note of some time shares that have come open for purchase. yes, it was that nice.

oh, dylan. i so wanted her to love the beach, the sand, but you can't force a girl to like something. at any age, right?! and for all her crying, she still looks adorable in her tu-tu bathing suit.

all is well in dada's arms. she's forever the self-soother. she just loves her tiny thumbs. any time you walk into a dark room or pull her blankie up to her face, she inserts her thumb and buries her face into the soft fabric. she's too much.

we discovered that if you asked jack what to build, he wouldn't destroy it.

dada made an ambulance for jb.

and here is the fire truck. it really did look like it in person, even if you can't tell by the pictures.

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