Sunday, September 19, 2010

an afternoon in willow

benji and jack headed up to willow this morning to help uncle bob fall some trees at his cabin. being that it's man's work, dylan and i took our sweet time getting ready and arrived just after noon.

i arrived to find my son with a dirt smattering across his face, sticky hands, smelling of autumn and full of smooches and hugs. what a joy. he showed me all the fallen trees, the stumps, dada in the equipment; needless to say, the kid was excited.

the flanagan's "yard" is now very open, but the cabin is still secluded by trees. where in the past, you would have to wander to the road to get full-on sun, now it's spilling in overhead.

and, somebody even had their first poo poo in the outhouse at the cabin! i won't name names, but i'm sure you can venture to guess. dylan took a 20 minute snooze on callie's bed. jack ate handfuls of chips and yogurt covered pretzels in between sitting with dada on the mini. all in all, it was a great little sunday. any time with family is, right?

oh, and how spectacular is mckinley???

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  1. Great pictures, Annie. Can't get over how big Jack is getting - SO BIG ;-)