Friday, September 17, 2010


i know i've said this before, but jackie really loves the movie cars - and all that goes along with it. he loves tow mater and has about 4 different versions of the mater truck. (and recently, we found a mater hat... the kid hasn't wanted to keep a hat on since he was crawling!) anyway, he likes to line them all up, place them on top of each other, roll his cars and trucks over every inch of our house, including furniture, walls, and even his own legs and arms! he's a total goof ball. here is a typical day of how he plays with his toys...

and notice his shirt??? and speaking of shirts, how funny is this... jack plays in my closet all the time. he came out the other evening with my "annie" shirt on a broken hanger (he hasn't learned how to lift the hangers off, so he just uses good ol' man strength!) and asked if he could wear it. what?! so here he is. and if that wasn't cute enough, he also wanted to hold his sister. love those two!

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