Monday, September 27, 2010

the lost ones

i just came across a cd of pictures that my mother had sent me. (like, from 5 months ago!) i was straightening up my night stand and in between some books, fell out this cd. to my surprise, these were all new pictures to me! i can't recall ever looking at these pictures so what a nice surprise on this rather drab monday.

can you believe dylan june is approaching half a year already? that's right. 6 months of our lives have just zipped by! studying these pictures, i was not aware that i had given birth to such a jaundiced babe. my goodness; she was about as orange as her hair! and how skinny! it's truly amazing how much they change in such a short amount of time. from eating and sleeping only to rolling over, arching, inching, squirming... this child is ready to MOVE. she's a great sleeper, moved passed the whole witching hour/colic episodes, laughs at her brother, sucks her thumbs and toes equally and adores any cuddly blankie. she's still working on a fabulous bald spot, pretty sure her belly button is an innie and man, she loves those vibrating teething toys.

these pictures just make me smile. jack holding her for the first time, all our family holding her for the first time, what a blessing to have so many people rush out to see our precious little girl. everybody's faces all have the same theme: elation. love.

the pictures begin the very next morning, a mere twelve hours after she arrived and go through her first week. and if you're wondering what jackie is doing in the first few pictures, he went through this stage of wanting to give everyone a boop! on the nose. so naturally, dylan got her first boop! that morning. the torture starts immediately, i tell you what.

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