Thursday, September 9, 2010

papa paul

papa paul came by a few weeks ago - always bearing gifts at that. he brought jackie one of those big plastic balls which quickly was implemented into a game of run jack run! where ben and paul would try to swipe his feet out from underneath him! ever the nervous one, my worries were pushed aside as soon as i heard jackie's fits of laughter. boys are sooo different!

there's something about fathers with their daughters. and then, there's grandfathers with their granddaughters. ohhh! it just melts me. i think of the special relationship i had with my grandpa jack. i pray dylan not only shares that with paul, but also with her papa frank. my grandpa vern passed when i was ten, so i really do not have near the memories i should. how unfortunate to lose these special people, way too early at that.

but these special moments are what matters now. and how much i love seeing jack and dylan with their grandparents, i just can't stress it enough!

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