Thursday, September 9, 2010

fun at the fair, day 1

the first day at the fair wasn't exactly as fun as the pictures look. i mean, we DID have fun, but man, those babes had their equal share of meltdowns. maybe a combination of the heat, the crowd, no naps... when one was happy, the other was losing it and vice versa. but, looking at these pictures, i don't see (or hear) the meltdowns. how nice.

jackie loved the pony rides. loved it so much that he threw a monster fit when his time was up. we quickly moved into the barn where the petting zoo had just the spot in line for bubba! the goats must have been eating all day because they were not interested in eating more feed. the ducks were rather skittish but the pigs - oh, the piggies! (although, jack kept referring to the spotted pig as a moo.) quite fun to see him so enthralled by all the animals surrounding him.

i'm not sure who had more fun on the rides; benji or jack. i think if ben were shorter than 46", he would have been on that fire truck with him!

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