Tuesday, November 2, 2010

big boy's birthday bonanza, part 2

truly, what a fun party! everyone came in costume, with the exceptions of the party-pooper adults. words to remember for next year: it's a costume party! so you won't be allowed without one! well, maybe we'd make an exception... ella's mama was a black kitty, jack's mama was a gumball machine, my mother was a clown (which absolutely terrified jack) and mark was a banana. as far as the kiddos, we had a monkey, two ladybugs, a caterpillar, a hula girl, a shark, tinkerbell and piglet, a witch and dorothy and one pretty girl in a pink tu-tu. oh, and a pink piggy named dylan. what fun to see all the costumes! and, if i remember right, it went 1.) craft 2.) presents 3.) cupcakes, which were delish!

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