Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what is better than a birthday?

i really can't think of much. well, maybe the birth day of your own children, but besides that, what's not to like?! i have always been in love with november 9. counted the weeks, counted the days and then... once it reaches midnight... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY i scream from inside. my mother told me birthdays would feel different once i had my own children and like most things she's shared with me, she was right about this one. my first birthday, a mere 2 weeks after jack was born, i could have cared less what day it was. i was so enamored by this tiny little human, this tiny little adorable human, that i didn't even know what day it was. (well, that and maybe i was a tad sleep deprived...)

this is a special birthday because i'm 30. 30! but also, i'm happy. i have a husband that i love and that loves me back; i have a son that is slowly becoming the early sweet version of himself and a dylan that is ridiculously delightful and that loves me enough and feels comfortable enough to vomit on me daily. ahhh, the love. already she's a giver.

jackie went to school this morning, allowing us girls some much needed relaxation and pampering. grandma d and i got pedicures and dilly gave away smiles to the sweet boys that worked on our toes. later, we stopped by joann's, i went tanning (getting ready for vacation), then we got lattes. we had enough time to swing by the post office where another birthday card was waiting for me - thank you, aunt margie and uncle glenn! getting mail is grand, but even sweeter when it's your special day!

tonight, we're going out for dinner, braving the weather. we had ice fog all morning, it's currently snowing, so if we're lucky, the snow squall should be here shortly.