Saturday, November 20, 2010


take your first left at tantrum boulevard. then, proceed to meltdown avenue where you will then take a right on screaming fits lane. from there, count to 5 in your head at which point you will then be at the junction of where did i go wrong and what number time out is this today.

i'm sure everyone has had days like this. it brings me great joy to admit that our days are no longer this awful anymore. we used to have day after day of this sequence; that can really wear on a mama. nowadays, jack typically saves his freak outs for mondays - because they're not hard enough as it is, i guess. i've been toying with the idea of changing his school days to monday/wednesday based on repeated terrible, no good, really bad, mondays.

for the most part, my jackie is lovable and full of smooches; wants to give and receive huds (hugs); enjoys meal times and announces when it's nap time. he helps put his toys away, and even picks up dylan's toys when she drops them. his latest obsession is helping with laundry. and when i say helping, i mean it very loosely. long story short: he is growing so fast. he's talking non stop and like everyone warned me, he doesn't shut up. ever. really. like, i wouldn't be surprised if his ambitions lean toward sports broadcasting, where he can provide play-by-plays. this kid comments on everything. and as cute and adorable as it is, at the end of the day, i'm mentally exhausted. i have nothing more to comment on. see and that's the other thing - if you do not acknowledge his findings, he will keep on, keeping on. so there's no getting out of it. truck rides are comical. i imagine it's like what playing i spy with a spider would be like; eight eyes, noticing eight things all at once. maybe? so yes, he talked when he was ready, i'm just not so sure we were ready for it. all that energy inside of him is now spewing out at a rapid, regular rate. the latest: jack miebs, didi miebs, mama miebs, dada miebs, belly (bella) miebs... and ending in fits of laughter. he's a riot.

hey - are you wondering about our financial status, like, can we not afford to cut this child's hair?! ben seems to think he looks like a orphan. and yes, perhaps he is a tad orphan-like, but i really want to grow out his curls. i feel that my window of having control over his soft tresses is very limited, and i may as well hold onto those reigns during this time. i've promised ben we can trim it after hawai'i, but he keeps threatening me with great clips.

and speaking of hawai'i, we leave in just a few days. i can hardly contain myself! but, i won't say anything else for fear of bragging. also, i guess i can't get too excited because we gotta get through the 6 hour flight. sheesh. may the force be with us.

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