Tuesday, November 2, 2010

big boy's birthday bonanza

jack's costume-themed birthday party was the sunday before his birthday, but he started getting presents in the mail the week leading up to it. his first one to arrive was from his papa frank and nana do-do. oh my, they know him well! this kid has an amazing memory, i might add. (although my mom tells me it's because he doesn't have much to remember just yet!) he remembers who gets him what and nicknames his toys accordingly. the papa truck is naturally from his papa paul and is a camo-green humvee. the connie truck is from his nana lynn's friend connie, and it is a fire truck. the matt truck is from his uncle and so on. so the two new tow mater's he received are now the papa maters. he's such a screwball!

he later received gifts from his girlfriends victoria and marlee. they must have known jack was into pretend play these days. that's really been my favorite thing recently. the imagination is forming! jack will put his trucks on our brown couches and pretend he's scooping rocks or dirt. he grabs his books that have pictures of food and pretends to eat them off the page. he talks on his phone to his dada. so the fact that victoria and marlee got him a doctor kit is just perfect. he's listening to my heartbeat regularly, even supplying his own version of my beating heart. he takes his medicine and happily gives himself a shot. he even checks his own reflexes. he also got a new backpack and lunch box, even a new coloring book with some crayons. they really spoiled their friend. thanks, girls!

after soccer on saturday, we swung by the post office. the postmaster announced that he had a package for jack miebs and his face lit up light a gloworm. mine! ...i think were his words. and this package traveled from hot and dusty sacramento from his auntie connie and uncle jeff. the kid was absolutely tickled.

and in between playing with his new toys, he squeezed in some snuggle time with his little sis. i love how he was holding her hand.

along with all the presents, surprises and fun things of what turned into birthday week, jack made his first batch of brownies; cracked his own eggs, dumped the cocoa, he's already a natural martha.

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